Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 is mainly touch based interface.. Still these shortcuts comes handy.

Even though i like the usability of the chrome hiding the charm bars is a major hindrance.

To activate the application menus use right click.

Key Windows Logo Ctrl Alt Ctrl + Shift Ctrl + Alt
A Select All
C Open Charm Copy
D Show Desktop Select Windows Explorer Address bar
E Windows Explorer Search in Explorer Docked Mode
F Go to files in Search Charm
G Cycle through Desktop Gadgets
H Share Charm        
Settings Charm Invert Colors in the settings Charm
J Switch focus between snapped and larger apps
K  Devices charm
L Switch User
M Minimize all windows
N New Window New Folder
O Lock Screen Orientation
P Projections Options
Q Search Charm
R Run Refresh
T Set focus on task bar & cycle through all running processes
U Open Ease of Access center
V Cycle through Notifications (+Shift to go to previous) Paste
W Go to Settings in Search charm Close current window (Explorer)
X Quick link power user commands Cut
Y Redo
Z  Open app bar Undo
1 to 9 Go to app at the given position in taskbar
+ Zoom in (Magnifier)
Zoom out (Magnifier)
, Peek at the desktop
. Snap a metro app to the right
Tab  Cycle through metro app history (use Ctrl to use arrow keys) Cycle through metro app history Switch between apps