Playing 1080p MP4 files in IPAD & IPAD 2

The iPad [original iPad, iPad2, and the new iPad 2012] can play 1080p x.264 AVC or regular h.264 Video Stream with AAC audio 2ch / 6ch multi Audio Stream, multi subtitle stream, and chapter stream using MP4 Container.

However ITunes prevent copying 1080p MP4 files in original iPad and iPad2

To play 1080p mp4 video try any one of the following options

1. Play using the Video app, and inputting the 1080p using third party idevice manager

2. Play using third party video player.

For option 1 use 3rd Party y idevice manager.

  • Make sure your iPad on “manually manage songs” setting, please refer to
  • Download and install third party idevide manager: Copytrans manager free
  • Plug the iPad to the computer
  • Close the iTunes
  • Start up the Copytrans manager
  • Drag the videos 1080p mp4 to right column, you can add metadata as you wish
  • Click the Update button, wait the copying process done.
  • Click th Eject button, and unplug the iPad
  • Watch you video in Video app

For option 2.using third party video player.

  • Download and install third party player: OplayerHD Lite for free
  • Go to OplayerHD Lite, make sure the setting is using Quicktime Plugin is turned on.
  • Plug the iPad to the computer
  • Go to the iPad apps on iTunes, on the below screen, you see second menu.
  • On second menu,Click the OplayerHD lite, drag or copy the 1080p MP4 video into it.
  • Wait until iTunes finished, unplug
  • Enjoy your video on oPlayerHD Lite