WCF Data Services Vs ASP.NET Web API OData

If you are struggling with picking WCF Data Services/ ASP.NET Web API OData here are the high level key differences between these 2 implementation stacks.

WCF Data Services ASP.NET Web API OData
Architecture Interfaces Components
Server / Client? Server and Client Server only
Maturity Released Preview
OData coverage Full Partial, more coming
Flexibility Low High
Key requirements IQueryable
Custom business logic Medium Easy
Formats OData only Any format
Untyped Yes No

1 thought on “WCF Data Services Vs ASP.NET Web API OData”

  1. I’m not sure I understand your criteria. WCF Data Services provides the ability to include service operations, so you can be as flexible as Web API.
    In addition, you can still get typed data from WCF Data Services by generating a proxy on the consumer side. This works out-of-the-box with .NET apps and you just need the WCF Data Services client from NuGet for Windows Store apps.
    So far, I’m not sure what Web API provides that WCF Data Services doesn’t – and for CRUD operations of a model, it’s super-fast to prototype and get into production.

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