Free Books library

Project Gutenberg contains over 36,000 ebooks that represent nearly every out-of-copyright classic piece of literature along with a vast archive of obscure but pleasurable reads. The quality of digitization is excellent, and the site’s vibrant community ensures that any errors are quickly fixed. They also offer the ebooks in a variety of formats (ePub, mobi, html), including some as downloadable audiobooks. Try it out.


Do you want Windows 8 Learning in a box ?

Windows 8 camp slide decks, Hands on labs, lots of goodies can be downloaded as a single setup from this microsoft link.. It contains C# Version & VB Version of code samples.

Also it is a worth read of Web site design case study. Download it and read it as well.

The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section.

When you get this error check whether any Microsoft application installation is going on in the background. Yesterday i had my Visual studio opened and i was working on it. My MS Office was getting upgraded from 2007 to 2010 and suddenly i got the error ‘The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section.‘ when compiling my projects. It was weird as the projects were compiling before without any errors. Tried few options like (Resetting the devenv settings with devenv /ResetSettings).. Suddenly it worked after the MS Office installation was over.

If you get this error wait till the Microsoft related install package is completed and try again.

Performance tips for Metro style apps written in xaml

Microsoft has released a well written paper taking care of performance in Metro style apps written using XAML.Grab it here.

Yahoo Axis

Yahoo today announced new visual search called Axis with desktop plugins and for mobile. Try it out

More details here.

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8 is mainly touch based interface.. Still these shortcuts comes handy.

Even though i like the usability of the chrome hiding the charm bars is a major hindrance.

To activate the application menus use right click.

Key Windows Logo Ctrl Alt Ctrl + Shift Ctrl + Alt
A Select All
C Open Charm Copy
D Show Desktop Select Windows Explorer Address bar
E Windows Explorer Search in Explorer Docked Mode
F Go to files in Search Charm
G Cycle through Desktop Gadgets
H Share Charm        
Settings Charm Invert Colors in the settings Charm
J Switch focus between snapped and larger apps
K  Devices charm
L Switch User
M Minimize all windows
N New Window New Folder
O Lock Screen Orientation
P Projections Options
Q Search Charm
R Run Refresh
T Set focus on task bar & cycle through all running processes
U Open Ease of Access center
V Cycle through Notifications (+Shift to go to previous) Paste
W Go to Settings in Search charm Close current window (Explorer)
X Quick link power user commands Cut
Y Redo
Z  Open app bar Undo
1 to 9 Go to app at the given position in taskbar
+ Zoom in (Magnifier)
Zoom out (Magnifier)
, Peek at the desktop
. Snap a metro app to the right
Tab  Cycle through metro app history (use Ctrl to use arrow keys) Cycle through metro app history Switch between apps

Setting up a Development Machine

Common tools(Browser, Messaging, Media, Runtimes, Imaging, Security, Filesharing,utilities, developer tools) easy one step installer – Visit this site.. This will install all the above common tools with one click.

LINQPad – lets you interactively query databases in amodern query language and also you can learn LINQ & C# samples (5.0 included).

Fiddler – Don’t forget to add the addons.