Installing Windows 8 in a Virtual Hard drive (VHD) or in an external Hard drive

Windows 8 Release preview is released yesterday and i was looking around to install it in my laptop. Well.. If you do a upgrade with the existing OS it becomes a pain later.. Most of the programs won’t work etc.. Searching around i found 2 excellent ways to install it.

1. Install it in a VHD and have Windows 8 booted as dual boot.

2. Install it in a external HDD.

Scott Hanselman has written an excellent post of installing Windows 8 in a VHD with plain simple steps and it works great and all you need is :

1. 40 GB of HDD

2. USB Drive to have the Windows 8 ISO.

Manas Patnaik has written a post of installing Windows 8 in an external HDD. Read it if you want to go through the route of installing it in an external HDD.

If you want to install SQL Server 2012 from command line in Windows 8 Machine follow these steps.